Just In: President Trump Just Brokered MASSIVE Deal With Poland – Muslims and Liberals HATE It

It’s a beautiful thing having a businessman in the White House. Donald Trump built one of the greatest companies in America by being an expert deal-maker. Now he’s using the art of the deal to strengthen our allies abroad–while simultaneously getting some extra cash for our country.

Dennis Michael Lynch reports that following President Trump’s historic visit to Poland, the news is out that the US will be selling Poland a cutting-edge missile defense system known as the Patriot Missile Defense System. They get better defense; we make money. The Donald truly is the master of “win-win.”

Poland is one of the few European nations that isn’t on a suicide mission. While the rest of Europe is committed to imploding as fast as possible via mass Muslim immigration and globalist economic policies, Poland is fighting hard to preserve its sovereignty and unique culture.

Poland has made it clear its doors are closed to the refugees the European Union wants to force on them. They’ve stood firm against the EU even when threatened by economic sanctions. The Polish aren’t people to be messed with.

One thing’s for sure: they don’t have to worry about their national security. If the European Union doesn’t have Poland’s back, the US under President Trump does. That’s clear with this latest deal.

The deal, negotiated through the US Department of Defense, will be worth $8 billion. The potent Patriot Missile Defense System, created by American defense contractor Raytheon, will keep Poland protected amidst a hostile European environment.

America is happy to do business with Poland. Most NATO countries shirk their obligations, expecting the US to foot their bill. Poland is among the very few countries that do meet its pay requirements.

Poland gets it. They know that mass, unvetted Muslim immigration via refugees is a threat to their national security. Look how it’s working out for Britain, France, and Germany. Moreover, Poles want to preserve their distinct cultural identity. They don’t want to be overwhelmed by Muslim fanatics who will establish Shariah Law should they get into power.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, de facto leader of the EU, has not taken kindly to Poland’s stance on immigration. But Poland is used to standing up to the Germans. They were invaded and oppressed by Germany in WWII. There’s no chance they’ll let the same thing happen again.

In his address to the Polish people in Warsaw, President Trump gave praise to the Polish freedom fighters who fought against the Nazi occupiers in World War II (via Breitbart). The Polish people received Trump openly, giving heart chants of “Trump!” and “USA USA!”

Trump’s deal with Poland is a huge win for the free world. Our President is strengthening the autonomy of a friendly nation while weakening the globalist EU. Thanks to Trump, the West is now on a course back to strength and prosperity.

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