Ivanka Trump Drops a TRUTH BOMB on America – ”My Father Will NEVER Let You Down”

After President Trump and the right wing won this election, the lefties are restless with their attempts to diminish and put them down. Seems like Donald Trump has no problems gaining further support, climbing the fresh stairs of Presidential success.

Regarding this question, Patriot Journal asked: “How could a racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. gain the enthusiastic support of decent Americans? Is it because all of us who voted for Trump were just as vile as he?”

Accusations and speculations aside, apparently, the public saw Trump’s real values after he sat in the Presidential chair. His regulations and initiatives put the American spirit and freedom in the first place, unlike President Obama’s policies, who were obviously chasing to win the affection of the world, neglecting the interests and opinions of the American’s governed by those policies.

During the elections, his aspiring children were also involved in the presidential campaign. After the win, they still continue to work tirelessly.

Conservative Tribune reports that the astonishing and smart Ivanka Trump is a tireless spokeswoman for now-President-elect Donald Trump. She gave the American public a glimpse of what to expect of US’s new first family: confidence, poise,and a tireless working ethic. She tirelessly campaigned from one coast to another, supporting what she and her family beliefs.

In one occasion, she stated: “Thank you, America, for the trust that you placed in my father. He will never let you down.”

Apparently, the lefties had everything against Donald Trump, but they were incapable of developing a strategy against his oldest and most aspiring children, Ivanka and her brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, who sincerely gave out their energies during the campaign, shoeing their intelligence, decency and success.

Ivanka Trump is an inspiration for many young women, empowering them to go for what they believe and never back down, even in cruelest attempts of being backed down.

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