Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus is Scared for President Trump’s Life!

Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, stated shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, officers, and many more at a congressional baseball practice makes him “so worried about the life of the President of the United States.” During an interview on the Fox Business Network, Marcus stated “I wish that the president would sit down with the leadership of the Democratic Party and say guys, let’s cut it out. Let’s get together and let’s start working together and accomplish what has to be accomplished.”

James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois fired many rounds at no less than 45 Republican members of Congress at the time of baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-AL) was shot in the hip however he had a surgery for his injury and is now in good condition.

Hodgkinson’s accounts on social media, on the other hand, were evidently packed with posts portraying his hatred for President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers.

Marcus disclosed he is hopeful that the attack will signify the end phase of the “vicious rhetoric that’s been going on between both parties.” “I think that the media has a lot to do with [the vitriol]” Marcus stated.

The savagely political narrative toward President Trump and GOP lawmakers has intensified among left-leaning folks including celebrities. For instance, this previous month comedian Kathy Griffin posted an image of beheaded President Trump.

Not too long ago, Shakespeare in the Park’s violent stabbing “assassination” of Trump in a theater in New York City’s Central Park.

Marcus stated he hopes the two political parties will “reflect on how dangerous this is to our way of life, and it cannot continue this way.” “If they continue to dramatically say that the President is not an elected official, doesn’t belong there, there’s going to be other nuts like this Hodgkinson that’s going to be out there,” the business mogul continued. “There are plenty of nuts out there, and you feed these people and before you know it they’re going to do something dangerous.”

Marcus stated Senator Chuck Schumer really has to stop “talking about how terrible the House version of the Obamacare bill thing is,” and “join in trying to make a better bill.”

“We have a great country. We have a wonderful future. There are things that have to be done. We need to create jobs. We need to have a safe environment. We have to make sure that people feel safe going out of their homes,” Marcus stated. “But we need to have jobs for people in America. We have to take of the infrastructure — all the things [President Trump] is talking about. Why aren’t [Democrats] joining in? Let’s shakes hands on it and say ‘let’s start out tomorrow and do things differently. let’s try to do what’s good for America and stop thinking about parties.’ If I were the President, I would do that today.”

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