Breaking: DHS Implicates Obama in ‘Confirmed Terror Attack’

Former President Barack Hussein Obama in the White House allowed millions of Muslims who were not properly vetted to come into this country, putting their wellbeing above that of the American people. Now, however, this has come back to bite Obama, as he has found himself implicated in an act of terror after what one of his precious Muslims just did.

Freedom Daily reported that last Friday, Ahmed Amin El-Mofty, 51, targeted police officers in an attack in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He reportedly opened fire on officers as they sat in their squad cars and succeeded in wounding a female cop, who is thankfully expected to recover. Police eventually ended up catching up to El-Mofty, a devoted Muslim, and were able to kill him after an intense shoot-out.

It was just revealed that El-Mofty was an actual naturalized U.S. citizen who was let into the United States from Egypt on one of those famed family-based chain immigrant visas. He was able to migrate here through a distant relative thanks to an F24 visa, a mainstay of Obama’s that allowed people to bring their extended families to the U.S. without proper vetting.

This just goes to show what years of unchecked and unvetted immigration has done to the U.S. A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security just acknowledged that two recent terror suspects made their way into the U.S. via chain migration. In a statement released on Saturday, he explained that chain migration is the common element in two cases allegedly tied to terrorism activities.

Acting Press Secretary Tyler Houlton released a statement saying that the DHS “can confirm the suspect involved in a terror attack in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and another suspect arrested on terror-related money laundering charges were both beneficiaries of extended family chain migration.”

“These incidents highlight the Trump administration’s concerns with extended chain migration,” Houlton said. “Both chain migration and the diversity visa lottery program have been exploited by terrorists to attack our country. Not only are the programs less effective at driving economic growth than merit-based immigration systems used by nearly all other countries, the programs make it more difficult to keep dangerous people out of the United States and to protect the safety of every American.”

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