Hollywood Legend Clint Eastwood Makes New Pro-American Film

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has just proven to be a successful storyteller as he is an actor, leaving the world in awe with his new work “The 15:17 to Paris,” based on a true story of three brave Americans that prevented a terrorist attack on a train bound for Paris.


This keeps Eastwood on the track of building crowd-pleasing movies out of true stories about ordinary men in extraordinary situations.

Now Eastwood has revealed publicly that he is not very fond of the liberal Hollywood snowflakes, but he took it a step further to play a joke on them by making this film with one huge difference that you won’t want to miss out.

The interesting difference was that instead of hiring liberal snowflakes, Eastwood announced that he will be hiring the real life heroes of the true story to star as themselves in the three of the leading roles of the film.

The names of these national heroes are Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Spencer Stone.

And Eastwood isn’t to blame here at all, keeping in mind the fact that the liberal Hollywood goons can’t seem to keep it quiet with their anti-Trump protests and hate speeches.

And now the nation is in awe at the legendary actor’s move, as he shows his love for America and American heroes, weighing in on Donald Trump during the campaign.

Let’s spread the word about this incredible act and show Clint Eastwood that he has our support!

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