Condoleeza Rice Silences Liberals With CRUEL Truth About Sexism And Racism

Condoleeza Rice became the first African American woman to serve as Secretary of State during George W. Bush’s presidency. It would be easy for her to submit to liberals by whining about the racism and sexism she could have faced throughout her career, but Rice refuses to do that.

Instead, she has defiantly sent out a message to race-baiting liberals about these issues that they would do well to pay attention to.

“Don’t let somebody else’s racism or sexism be your problem,” Rice said during an interview with Motto.

She went on to tell women that if someone tries to bring you down, “don’t take that on,” just speak up for yourself and if you can’t, “find mentors to help you navigate those difficult circumstances.”

“The fact is life isn’t perfect and you are going to run into people who try to belittle you and put you down, and you simply have to be capable of not accepting that from them,” she said.

While discussing her upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama, Rice explained that her parents always told her that she would have to be “twice as good” as everyone else.

However, she made sure to clarify that this was meant to empower her, not to put her down due to her gender or race.

“They said there are no victims — the minute you think of yourself as a victim, you’ve given control of your life to someone else,” she said.

“I remember specifically my father saying once it’s OK if someone doesn’t want to sit next to you because you’re black, as long as they move.”

In today’s world, liberals are constantly whining about race and gender. We’re glad to see Rice letting them know that they need to stop using these issues as a crutch!

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