SEE IT’S NOT ALL BAD! But Why Does Obama moves to Kalorama? The Reason Will Shock You!

Obama is leaving the White House. After completion of the presidency, this month, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have chosen a house, “the brick home”, which has hardwood floors, vast terrace, a castle-like exterior, and a garden has a gray and white finish across most of the rooms and nine bathrooms in a snobbish suburb of Washington.

Obama Is moving in nothing less than $5.5 million mansion. The home sits on a quarter-acre in rich Kalorama neighborhood near the Embassy of the order and the official residence of the Vice President.

According to Finance $ Commerce a castle is a remodel in 2011 the total number of baths for eight and a half, along with three fireplaces and “au pair suite,” spread over about 8,200 square feet, according to real estate data. The house is fitted out with a gated courtyard for 10 cars, that will hold multiple secret service vehicles.

According to USA TODAY, the reason the Obamas will stay in the same area is so that their youngest daughter, Sasha, can complete high school — which will conclude in 2018.

“We’re going to have to stay a couple of years in DC probably so Sasha can finish,” Obama said in March.

“Transferring someone in the middle of high school? Tough.”

The U.S. Secret Service must undertake to ensure the first family can be adequately protected while living in a private home.

Obama is expected to spend considerable time in the coming years in Chicago, where his family owns a home and where his presidential library will be built, as well as in New York and in Hawaii, where Obama was born.

But, nobody spotted this until now. Could this be the reason why does Obama a chose this area?

Obama’s new home is 1,096 feet from the Islamic Center of Washington, known as one of the hugest mosques in the Western Hemisphere.

“It provides Qur’an and Islamic Literature and distribution of such publications that would create awareness and knowledge of Islamic Truth,” stands on the center’s website.

This center reads prayers five times a day, and Jumaa Prayer, a traditional, congregational prayer is read every Friday. The outside is decorated with horseshoe arches, Arabic script and a tall, ornate minaret.

Some claimed Obama to be a Muslim. He always said he was a Christian, but his agendas showed the opposite.



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