BREAKING: WikiLeaks Has A Big Announcement! Who Is The Most Corrupt Figures In American Politics???

Democrats their whole side story relied on Russian hacking and disrupting the elections in 2016. They accused WikiLeaks of releasing documents that were stolen by agents from the Kremlin in order to sway the US election.

Obama even came out and said no evidence of Russian involvement in elections.
Later returned with a clear statement on the protection of their party.

According to USAPoliticsToday: “Then the CIA issued a report that says they have identified Russian “actors” who are directly involved in influencing the election results by giving stolen documents to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.”

“Democrats in this presidential election! Obama and Hillary just did not want the world to perceive the real reason they lost the election.”

According to Express: “Transparency group WikiLeaks said late Saturday it would hold a press conference Monday morning in response to the U.S. intelligence report published last week which said Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the hacks related to the U.S. 2016 election race in an effort to help President-elect Donald Trump win.”

WikiLeaks and Assange announced a press conference where they intend to put their dirty laundry in public. Disclosure of the truth.

They accuse Hillary Clinton of mismanagement of the campaign, candidate as the most corrupt figures in American politics. They have nothing to do with why Donald Trump destroys Hillary Clinton’s election.

The messages are real and no matter where they come from content shows how corrupt Hillary Clinton really. Hillary Clinton just does not want us to focus on what was in the e-mail!

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