Trump Оrders Obama’s Рolitical Аmbassadors Оut by Inauguration Day

President-elect Donald Trump, rather his transition team issued orders to all ambassadors appointed by President Obama that must leave their posts by Inauguration Day.

“In keeping with standard practices, the White House requested and received resignations from all politically-appointed chiefs of mission shortly after Election Day, several senior State Department officials told CNN.”

Standard is that political ambassadors should be withdrawn at the end of each presidency.

An expert on foreign services for the withdrawal of ambassadors Obama sees no reason of Trump ‘unwillingness to consider individual cases and urgent needs “. (FoxNews)

“[The directive] itself is not that important. But it is not transmitted than in the past,” he said.

The New York Times  Times first reported that the present State Department cable was sent to all ambassadors December 23 to inform them they must leave their posts for Jan. 20 “No exceptions.”

State Department reportedly informed that all politically appointed ambassadors that they had to submit letters of resignation effective Jan. 20 the day after the election, and instructed those seeking extensions to file formal requests.

Numerous ambassadors and their families now have to find places to live in the United States or return briefly to their countries.

Ronald E. Neumann, president of the American Academy of Diplomacy can not remember similar “lynching” in January …

Such similar situation occurred 8 years ago when ambassadors to President Bush Has Obama also asked the ambassadors to leave their posts on inauguration day.

Washington Post then reported (in December 2008),

“sweeping nature of the directive suggests that Obama has little interest in retaining some of ambassadorial appointments of Bush.”

Trump and transition team have Iowa Governor Terry Branstad as ambassador to China, and bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman will take over as ambassador to Israel.
Politically appointed ambassadors often donors and others that do not come from career foreign service.

The embassies of the United States, it is important to maintain its leading position.

“The number two career foreign service officers and more than capable of stepping into the roles”


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