Megyn Kelly Just Revealed The REAL Reason She Left FOX News! This Is Game Changing!

Megyn Kelly announced last night that she would be leaving FOX News for good. Now, many of us figured this was coming, but the REAL reason she left FOX was way different than we ever could have guessed.

It turns out it had nothing to do with Roger Ailes or money (they were paying her crazy amounts). She just wanted to spend more time with her kids and decided the daily episodes on FOX was too much for her.

She decided to take the job with NBC for a pay cut but, in return, she has much more schedule flexibility as well as fewer weekly shows to film.

Love her or hate her, you do have to respect a woman who is that dedicated to her family. She may have had some controversy, but Megyn Kelly was always a hell of a reporter and we will miss her. (H/T – Daily Mail)

So, the next question is “Who will FOX News hire to replace her?” Leave a comment with whoever you think they should hire and share this with your friends.

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