ROSIE O’Donnell Promised to LEAVE if Trump Won, Instead She SENT This DISGUSTING Tweet

Rosie O’Donnell, probably only give his countrymen another reason to want her to leave America.

First, she promised to leave the country if Trump wins. She never left, but still here.

The second time it threatens America would be without her horror show if we elected Trump.

We do it by a large margin. Rosie thinks we actually care what she has to say. She thinks anxiously want to hear her bad jokes.

Wrong. We don’t want to hear.

Rather, it would be nice to go.

Or when she does not want to left, let’s open her big mouth, and at least try to say something nice or congratulations or anything, but this shame…

Many people believe that this is a veiled call for action on Rosie!



What do you think?