Trump Could Privatize Nation’s Air Traffic Controllers

White House may finally accept the privatization plan of systems for air traffic controllers at airports in the United States. The democrats this FAA plan on Bill Shuster rejected.

After reauthorization plan for the Federal Aviation Administration failed to include private, an independent body responsible for air traffic control this summer.

Schuster FAA plans to be one of the main priorities of his committee in the new Congress. FAA license will expire at the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

Any proposal to amend the existing system must be thoroughly checked.

Once again the President of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee was elected, Pennsylvania Republican, who said that the reform of FAA is a top priority.

This coincides with the opinion of President-elect Donald Trump.
President-elect Trump is a big critic of US airports, he compared the infrastructure of the “third world.”

The previous month Schuster according to Washington Examiner stated:

“We have more work to do, including passing reform legislation and providing FAA reauthorization the US has a safe, modern, efficient aviation system in the future.
We have a unique opportunity to achieve much for the American people to elect a president who focuses on improving the country’s infrastructure. ”

“The private company will be established by Congress and have a board of 11 members of Directors.The Board will be composed of four people appointed by the major airlines, two people appointed by the Association of owners of aircraft, a person appointed by the union of pilots, a person appointed by the Association of controllers National Air traffic two at-large appointees and CEO of the corporation appointed by the board. “

Privatization of air traffic controllers began to require major airlines in 1980. Congress refused them.

The right time to revive privatization comes with the newly elected president Trump.

Air traffic control FAA has too much bureaucracy and little chance for change. In this state of heightened demand will only result in more costs. This is the opinion of Schuster.

Trump has pledged $ 1 trillion for infrastructure.

He plans to work with Congress to modernize our airports and systems for air traffic control FAA and TSA. It should also provide and American passengers from terrorism and other threats, we learned of the site.

Financing of air traffic control is through taxes on tickets for each flight. Taxes are kept low under the control of the external board.

Delta study claims that privatization will fall on the burden of air travelers and there will be no savings.

Schuster said the transition team Trump is open to ideas and they are interested in the greater account of infrastructure.




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