WikiLeaks Say That They Will Take Down Hillary If Trump Does Not

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are not happy to learn that Trumps is not planning on taking any action against Hillary Clinton. Assange had a hand written letter delivered to the Daily Mail and revealed that he had expected this may happen.

 The mainstream media lied in the first place saying that Trump would charge Hillary, his comments had been taken out of context.

WikiLeaks regardless are still ready to pounce:

The letter states:

 “Hillary Clinton’s crimes will not go unpunished. If she is not formally charged for mishandling sensitive material we will have no choice but to release proof that she is guilty of high treason against the United States for selling patented military secrets to the Saudi Arabian government. We also have proof that she is guilty of crimes against Russia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Caledonia and Brazil. The United States would be doing her a favor by putting her in prison and saving her from the severe punishments several of these nations would impose.”

The letter continues to say that if she hasn’t been indicted by January 21st, this information will be publicised.

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